Pirate Cookies

Rrrrr! These really cool cookies were made for my sweet little nephew Hayden's birthday party a few months ago. I learned how to make the pirate faces from one of my favorite blogs, but the treasure chests and maps were my own design. They were fun to make, but I probably spent way more time decorating than I should have ... the kids at the birthday party gobbled them up in no time! Happy Birthday, Hayden. Aunt Manda loves ya! :)

Winter "One"derland

These cookies were made for a little boy's birthday party themed, "Winter Onederland." What a cute play on words! I was a little intimidated by the penguin since I had never done one before, but I think it turned out super cute!


The only thing I love more than a cupcake is a cookie shaped like a cupcake! These little darlings were made for a pink John Deere birthday party. So cute! Hope you and your little ones enjoyed the cookies, Amber :-)

Dinosaur Cookies

ROAR!!! (It means Happy Birthday in dinosaur.) These little dinos are so perfect for any little boy's birthday party! In fact, I think I've decided to make dinosaurs the theme of my little guy's first birthday in May. I know it's a long time away, but it gives me something cool to search for on Pinterest ;-)

Oh, Christmas Bee ...

Even though the Christmas season is officially over, I had to post a picture of these sweet little bumble bees I made for the girls of the Sterling Stars' Company B! Hope y'all enjoyed them at your Christmas party! And I hope everyone had a merry Christmas and a wonderful start to the new year. Now let's get started on Valentine's cookies!

Cookies for Emma

I made this platter of cookies for the silent auction at an annual fundraiser event called, "Emma's Bayou Bash." If you don't know Emma's story, you can read about it here. Though I never got the chance to meet little Emma, her life and legacy continue to touch my heart time and time again. Perhaps even more I am touched by her family's bravery and unwavering faith in Jesus Christ through all of Emma's struggles and even after she passed away. Christy -- Thank you for being such a beautiful picture of what a momma should be, and thank you for letting me participate in this year's silent auction!

Angry Birds Cookies

Ok -- kids LOVE Angry Birds. And my little nephew, Jackson, is no exception. I made these cookies for Jackson's third birthday party at his preschool. I hope you and your friends loved eating them as much as I loved making them, Jaybird! Love ya!